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» After installing Open General I can play some campaigns with a few different equipment files but I want more! What can I do?

» BV, DH, PP, what are these abbreviations?

» Can I reduce the entrenchment of the attacked unit below the base entrenchment of its terrain (where the attacked unit is standing)?

» Can I use my test icons not released in the official OpenIcons.dat?

» Does AI know how to build facilities like airfields, ports, etc.?

» Does AI know how to clear my minefields?

» Does AI know how to lay mines?

» Does AI know how to use barrage fire?

» Does AI know how to use its airborne units for paradrop attack if they are not initially deployed in planes?

» How can I add flags, or replace flags in my EFile?

» How can I anchor a unit to avoid AI moving it?

» How can I build an airport / bridge / port / fortification, etc.?

» How can I define bridges over ocean hexes?

» How can I disable the intro and smack videos?

» How can I do to run OpenGen faster?

» How can I enable the game logs?

» How can I make the icons bigger in the screen?

» How could attach pictures for the descriptions of the scenarios / campaigns?

» How do I report a bug?

» How do you make a unit appear/disappear in any turn? Does it work for core units?

» How does the “Healer Unit” perk work?

» How leaders’ names are assigned?

» How to activate barrage fire for a certain artillery / ship unit?

» How to add a unit, to player’s core, later during campaign (in scenario other than first)?

» How to deploy to a carrier in scenario creation?

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