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BV, DH, PP, what are these abbreviations?

Sometimes the space on the Control Panels are too short, sometimes designers are simply too lazy to write a few more characters, it doesn’t matter, there are heavily used abbreviations in the game and the editor. If you want to be a designer, you should learn them. Here you are the list of the most frequently used abbreviations:

AA = Air Attack [Value]

AAR = After Action Report

AD = Air Defense [Gun / Class / Value]

AF = Airfield (rarely: Airport)

AI = Artificial Intelligence, the game engine playing against you (unless you play against a human opponent)

ASW = Anti-Submarine Warfare

AT = Anti-Tank [Gun / Class]

ATP = Air Transport

ATY = Artillery

BB = Battleship

BC = Battle Cruiser

BS = Battleship

BV = Brilliant Victory

CBF = Counter Battery Fire

CC = Campaign Challenge

CCC = Collaborative Campaign Challenge

CD = Close Defense [Value]

CR = Cruiser

CV = Carrier

DD = Destroyer

DH = Deployment Hex

DV = Decisive Victory (used in some Efiles, it’s the same as BV)

Efile = Equipment File

Exp = Experience [Point / Value]

F/F = Fronts and Factions

Fort = Fortification

FoW = Fog of War

FTR = Fighter [Plane]

GD = Ground Defense [Value]

GT = Game Turn

GTP = Ground Transport

HA = Hard Attack [Value]

Helo = Helicopter

HQ = Headquarters

HTP = Helo Transport

INF = Infantry

Init = Initiative

JP = JP’s Panzers Wargame & History Forums

LB = Level Bomber

LC = Light Cruiser

LoF = Line of Fire

LoS = Line of Sight

LTBV = Last Turn Brilliant Victory

MG = Machine Gun

Moto = Motorcycle

MP = Movement Point(s)

MSU = Must Survive Unit

MV = Marginal Victory (used in some Efiles, it’s the same as TV)

NA = Naval Attack [Value]

NTP = Naval Transport

OG = Open General

OG Forums = Open General Forums – Discussion Threads of the Game

OH = Object Hex

OpenGen = Open General

OS = Overstrength [Point]

Panzercentral = JP’s Panzers Wargame & History Forums

PBEM = Playing by E-mail

PeG = People’s General

PG or PG1 = Panzer General [for DOS]

PG2 = Panzer General II

PP = Prestige Point

Proto = Prototype

Pz = Panzer (German), Tank

RCN = Recon[naissance Class / Unit]

RDM = Range Defense Modifier [Value]

RTP = Rail Transport

RW = Railways

SA = Soft Attack [Value]

SH = Supply Hex

SP = [Current] Strength Point(s)

SPAD = Self-Propelled Air Defense Gun

SPAT = Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun

SPAty or SPArty = Self-Propelled Artillery

SUB = Submarine

TB = Tactical Bomber

TK = Tank

TPT = Organic Transport (used in PG2 times, it’s the same as GTP)

TV = Tactical Victory

VH = Victory Hex

V = [Standard] Victory

XP = Experience [Point / Value]

ZoC = Zone of Control