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How to activate barrage fire for a certain artillery / ship unit?

An artillery or ship unit with the </> (“Can bombard / barrage”) Efile special is able to carry out barrage fire (bombarding the terrain) if the related scenario option is enabled.

Allow barrage fire on Suite Scenario Options

To enable </> special, the selected artillery / ship unit should have defined a Bomber Size value bigger than zero in Suite.

Enable Bomber Size in Suite

In the game, when you inspect the unit, you can see the </> Efile special at top of info screen, which means it has some Bomber Size value assigned in Efile.

Can bombard / barrage Efile special in game

You can check that value by hovering the mouse cursor on the Ammo icon, which displays a tooltip.

Checking Bomber Size in game

In order to use barrage attack, you should switch to Barrage / Bombard attack mode by pressing <Alt+B> hotkey after selecting the artillery / ship unit. Selecting another unit will switch back to normal attack mode. When you are in Barrage / Bombard attack mode, you can fire at those hexes (both spotted and unspotted) within the range of the selected unit where there is something to blow. You will bombard the terrain or built facilities, not the units standing on the targeted hex, though these units can lose fuel, ammo too.

Barrage fire in game

If the targeted hex cannot be blown, the cursor shows a reticle with a red “X” and a small black binocular to warn you about there is nothing to bombard there.

Selected hex cannot be bombarded