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What is the difference between Air-defense and FlaK classes?

The most important hard coded difference is that units in AD class use indirect fire and they don’t get either retaliation fire or support fire, though they can get counter battery fire. AD class unit don’t need a direct line of fire (similar to Artillery guns).

While the units in Flak class can get both retaliation and support fire but not CBF. FlaKs require direct LoF. Also FlaKs always fire first when attacked by air units.

AD and FlaK units act differently when they intercept a plane, but these rules can be heavily modified by cfg $variables.

In most Efiles, AD units can’t fire at ground units, but it is not hard coded, Efile makers can change it, however, it is recommended to reduce the Hard and Soft Attack values of an AD gun which can fire at ground units, because of its better effectiveness.