FAQ entry

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What does the “Combat Support” ability (leader or Efile special) exactly do?

A unit with “Combat Support” ability can lend its experience bar(s) to the adjacent friendly units from the same type: air CS units to air units only, and ground units (meaning both land-based and naval units!) to ground units only, so a HQ infantry in a port can loan its bars to adjacent ships, but a fighter with CS leader can’t support the neighboring AD gun at an airfield.

It’s important, the experience bar, not the experience itself is what is given to the adjacent unit(s), so a CS unit with 99 experience points would give nothing, and CS units with 100 and 199 experience points would give the same one bar.

While a unit can’t have more than 5 experience bars, no matter how much experience points it has above 599, when it is supported by one or more CS unit, it can exceed this limitation and can have 10-15 or more experience bars.