Why we ask you to send money?

Dear players, as you know, Open General is free and it always will be free. The creators of the game, equipment files, campaigns, maps, icons or any other elements do it because they love this game and they are happy to see the evolution of this game (maybe a “thank you” as acknowledgement would be more meaningful for them than any pay check).

Unfortunately, hosting this site can’t be paid by enthusiasm and commitment. The total cost of hosting the installers and the documentation is about 110€ (130 USD) per year.

The Open General team would like to ask you to contribute to this cost with a few bucks. We have more than 700 followers on FB; if every 10th person transferred e.g. 5€, then we would be able to finance the expense of our server for 3 years, so the smallest contribution is warmly welcome and appreciated.

We prefer using PayPal, but if you like to transfer money from your bank account and it’s part of the IBAN system, please contact us for further the details.